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I got these in the mail today, I was very excited.

They were all done by the lovely applewaffles

Still no scanner, but I’m getting quite fond of drawing scorpion-tailed hydras.

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Cooper got to play on his favorite tree again the other day. This time he also got to play in the flowers. :3

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Photographer Guy Talcaptures glimpses of color in the harsh terrain of the American West.

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legend of zelda print!!! will be sold at AX table G32!!

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Hanami : cherry blossom (by jiquem)

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Preorders are NOW OPEN for:

"L.Q. : A Lon’qu Fanbook"

$20 | 40 pages | Full colour | 6 x 9” | saddle stitch | silver metallic cover featuring art by POIV.

This book features over 30 brand new illustrations by 29 artists starring Lon’qu from Fire Emblem: Awakening!

The artists are:

battlerobots! | Bitte | blue | chel | Cosumosu | cottonwings | dag

 fi | Ichi | jotheturtle | killertune | Lee | Lieu | ling | loki | Lunatic

marimo | milou | monkan | Ngo | nika | nozmo | Nyriikos | poiv  

robodumpling | Roe | Rosie | Skychair | tasobi

Preorders will run until July 2nd. After which orders will be closed. They will ship around mid July and aslo be available for non preorder purchases around the same time.

Every preorder will come with a free mini print shown below



There are also a limited number of Preorder bonus bundles!

for $25 you will get to choose one metallic acrylic Lon’qu charm from the following


These are printed on metallic acrylic! Click here to see the shimmering effect!

for $35 you will get All three charms and a Lon’qu coin pouch


Bonus charm bundles will also some with a set of Lon’qu dress up stickers!


The first 30 or so regular preorders will also some with stickers~

stock for these sets are limited. And they will not be up for sale separately after orders for the book end!


~You can preorder here~

Books will also be available for sale and pick up at AX July 3-6th. However only those who ordered bundles in advance will be able to get the charms.

Thank you so much for reading! Signal boosts are much appreciated!~

So I am a total dork and bought this, and everyone who likes Fire Emblem should follow suit.

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